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Posted on 08/11/2010
Send Your Picture to the "Hall Of Pizza Fame"

Send a Picture of you Insanely eating pizza and we will post it on, Facebook and twitter.

You can send the photo to us on our facebook fan page!/pages/PizzaPagescom/110061042365855


Email it to
Posted on 07/20/2010 Partners with IDreamOfPizza and IDreamOfPizza partner up to bring a New York Blog to the site. Click the link and enjoy the wanderful content concerning some of the best Pizza Restaurants in the industry. Let IDreamofPizza guide you through the do's and do not's of New York Pizza. Whther your a Pizza Restaurant Owner or a Food Maniac, this blog is sure to be of interest

GOING TO BE IN NYC SOON?... IDreamOfPizza is also holding the first anual NYC PIZZA RUN.

Send Questions to
Posted on 07/12/2010
View First Tutorial

This video explains what advertising platforms are available on for Restaurant Owners. The video explains how to join, how to create and online menu, how to create real time coupons and more.
Posted on 05/21/2010
Text Message Pizza Coupons Coming in JULY

Starting in July, You we be able to sign up for Free Text Message Pizza Coupons powered by The #1 Place to Find Local Pizza Shops. Coupons will never be sent out more than once a week and are good for 72 hours. Another added bonus of this awesome service is the sharability.

You will be allowed to forward to coupon to all your and EVEN UPLOAD IT ON FACEBOOK.

In June go to and submit your mobile number so you can start receiving and sharing Pizza Coupons form Local establishments in your area.

Posted on 07/16/2010

Any Food Loving Maniac or Pizza Restaurant Owner can send a Menu to and Pizza Pages will create a listing for that Establishment for FREE. Get some exposure for your Company or Help increase the amount of listing's in your are and SUBIT A MENU NOW !!

Posted on 03/31/2010
Message To Our Competitors ! plans on geting the message out. We want all hungry people to unite and revolt. The days of finding pizza shops in a sea of 20 million businesses is over. YOU want FOOD and WE GOT FOOD.

There are no cleaning company's or florists in on site my friend. Let this video be a message to our foes (mainly Big Yellow Walking Fingers)......Also, please change the word ASIA in this video to PIZZA


Posted on 04/19/2010
Follow on Facebook and Twitter

You can now follow on Facebook and Twitter. will post daily updates on new coupons, applications and industry news. In order to help spread the word we would greatly apreciate it if you do the following things:

1. Join our Company Group and Fan Page on Facebook

2. Ask your friends to also join

3. Post on Facebook and Twitter "I JUST USED PIZZAPAGES.COM" every time you use to find a local Pizza Shop.

 4. Reccomend you favorite Pizza Parlors to us on Facebook and Twitter if they are not currently on

Click the Links Below to Get to our Facebook and Twitter Pages...
Posted on 04/22/2010 is recognized by Pizza Today Magazine

The Press Release has been posted on Pizza Today Magazines website You can read the article by following the link below. This is just one more step  up on the ladder of world domination LOL. Here we come Big Yellow Walking Fingers!
Posted on 04/20/2010 on PMQ Magazine Helps Pizza Shops and Consumers Interact
04/20/2010 - Press Release

Philadelphia based start-up has officially opened the doors of its Online Directory. allows Consumers to find Local Pizza Parlors by Web, Mobile Applications and by Text Message regardless of location. The Text Message platform, which is set to launch in August, will allow consumers to text their ZIP CODE to the word PIZZA and have the information and current special of a Local Pizza Parlor sent back to them. 

A Pizza Parlor Receives:

Online Listing   Mobile Listing  Online Menu   Online Coupons   Social Media Sharing   Email Marketing Tool and Much More … FOR ONLY $8.99

The number one goal of is to make finding and ordering pizza as simple as possible. Our platform allows Local Pizza Parlors to take their establishment to the next level and take advantage of the social media world. Beginning in November consumer will have the option of subscribing to their favorite Pizza Spot. When a consumer subscribes they will enter their email address. A Local Pizza parlor than has the ability to log into their persona admin panel and send weekly newsletters and coupons to their subscribers. truly is an All-In-One solution to Advertising in the new social market.

Don’t have a PDF menu? No Problem. has an easy to use Menu Creation tool that allows Local Pizza Parlors to easily create a full color Online Menu with Pricing and descriptions. The same applies without Real-Time Coupons. Pizza Parlors can choose from one of our three pre-loaded coupons to display or they can upload their own. Coupons can be turned on and off in Real-Time.

In the end we believe will be the bridge between the new generation of young consumers and their favorite food ….. PIZZA. 

For more information on this topic please contact Tom Sheridan at or visit us at
Posted on 04/28/2010 Holds Contest For North Catholic High School is holding a contest at North Catholic High School in Philadelphia.

Which ever homeroom get's the most people to go to the Fan Page on Facebook and write:

I Just used (plus their homeroom number)

Will Win FREE PIZZA on a day specified by the school.


This Contest Begins Immediately and Ends June 1st. Remember you can tell anyone to go and post for your homeroom, you do not have to be in the homeroom to post so tell all your friends to go post.



Posted on 03/29/2010
The Road to FREE Pizza has Began!

Do you want FREE PIZZA for a year? Great… Go create a Commercial and post it on YouTube. We are launching this campaign to help bring awareness to Have you ever wanted to order pizza but had no menus? If your like me…it has happened hundreds of times. Well… WE ARE HERE TO MAKE SURE IT NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN. For rules and regulations please click the link below.

Click here for details.
Posted on 04/19/2010
Save 36,000 Trees By Supporting

You can SAVE 36,000 Trees By Supporting!



On Pizza Shops can post their full menu with pricing. Once they put the word out that their menu is on they can cut their menu distribution down drastically.

Using number found at, we at figured it would save an estimated 36,000 trees a year.

Posted on 03/29/2010 Opens Their Doors! has finally launched its long awaited Online Pizza Shop Directory. Customers can search for local Pizza Shops by zip code and view full color menus with pricing. Consumers can also view current coupons that are being offered by the Pizza Shops in their area. Along with the launch of the Online Directory has also said there I-Phone Application is also available for download.

Click here to view the Official Press Release.
Posted on 04/19/2010
21 Regional Pizza Styles (by:

We at stumbled upon a very fun and info full website called yesterday.

One of the stories that caught our eye was " 21 REGIONAL PIZZA STYLES"

Follow the link below the image to read the full story.
Posted on 06/28/2010 reaches 1000 Tweets on Twitter has reached 1000 Tweets.

Go to to follow us now. is quickly becoming the #1 source for finding Local Pizza Shops Online and on your Phone.

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